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Chris Cull 2016 Ride to Inspire Tour

ORbeOK is proud to present Chris Cull ’s Ride to Inspire, his second cycle tour across Canada to raise awareness for opioid dependency.

In order to help him accomplish this goal, he will need additional resources to help with food, accommodations, equipment and an emergency fund. All additional funds raised prior to and during the ride will be donated to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

Please visit his GoFundMe page for more details:

Meet Chris Cull

Chris is a 30 year old from Bowmanville, Ontario. Suffering the loss of his father at 22, Chris turned to prescription drugs to numb the pain. It escalated quickly, and eventually he lost everything that meant something to him. Today Chris is living in recovery, and is the spokesperson for ORbeOK, inspiring others on their own journey of recovery.

Here is a bit more about Chris….

When did you decide to get help?

I decided to seek treatment and began the journey of long term recovery after I lost everything. I realized that I wanted to have something that resembled the life I had lost. I completely understood that it would be a long journey, but also understood that once I got it back, I would have a greater appreciation forit andwould make the most of my second chance in life.

Why did you bike ride across Canada?

The ride itself was something I decided to do once I got off of opiates because I knew I could! I thought to myself that if I could stop using opiates, thenI could do anything I set my mind to. So I put the biggest challenge I could imagine in front of me and decided to see if I could stack up to it. With the film, I understood that I had a unique knowledge base thatI could use to help people navigate the complexities of addiction, and more specifically with opioids. Keep in mind that when I started my project I had no experience in film, journalism (in terms of interviewing people), public relations, or public speaking, and I hadn’t ridden a bike in 8 years. What’s more important to me is that this is a staggering problem that NEEDS to be addressed, and in my opinion the only way to do so is if we as a society are educated on the topic.

What made you partner with ORbeOK?

I decided to partner with ORbeOK because I feel very strongly that being educated on the topic is pivotally important to us as a society, in order to correct the problem that has become an epidemic in not only Canada, but the world. If you are going to solve a problem, you need to understand a problem at its fundamentals. Upon reading the material and the research that went into the site, I felt that our goals were aligned, and that if we could work together to get the information out to a broader audience, then the world would be a bit of a better place.

What are your plans for 2016?

In 2016, I will be attending film festivals and public speaking events, as well as embarking on another cross country ride for which I’ll be pitching a TV show in December 2015. The opportunities that have come with recovery are staggering in a sense that I get to participate in things I never in my wildest dreams thought were possible. I just want to keep the adventure going, and hopefully provide a sense of hope for what could be to those who are still struggling with addiction, and the countless families that are affected by this issue.Any messages for those looking for help?

My biggest advice is to throw dogma out the window and focus on what’s best for you, because you CAN’T listen to the haters. Find what you are passionate about and love, because when you love what you do, you will never quit if things get rough. Find something that moves you to the core of who you are as a person and go after it! When you find something in life that is bigger than you as an individual, that passion and perseverance will push you through hard times when any rational person would quit. Keep your chin up, keep the hope, find what you love (professionally and personally), and most importantly NEVER QUIT!!!

Chris Cull



August 28th 2015 Posted by @OrBeOk_News

Meet Chris Cull

Chris Cull is a filmmaker and the founder of Inspire by Example as well as a recovering addict. In 2014 he bicycled across Canada, from Victoria, BC, to St. John’s, Newfoundland raising awareness about prescription drug abuse. He filmed his journey, and interviewed local community leaders, patients, and people in recovery along the way. Chris is a nationally recognized public speaker and has advised numerous institutions and organizations on issues around prevention and treatment of drug abuse, including the Canadian Minister of Health, the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, and the National Advisory Council on Prescription Drugs.

Chris Cull has also set out to help raise awareness of and helping provide Canadians with the access to opioid addiction services they may need.



During the month of September, Canadians in recovery from addiction join with friends and family to build awareness, challenge societal stigma, and celebrate the role that recovery plays in improving the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

The organizers of Recovery Day believe that recovery saves lives. They envision a world in which recovery from addiction is a common, celebrated reality — a world where individuals will not experience shame when seeking help.

Participants in Recovery Day are passionate about sharing their stories of recovery in the hope of inspiring others to join them on the rewarding yet diverse path to wholeness.

You can attend a Recovery Day celebration in cities across Canada. Learn more or find out how you can help by visiting or email

Celebrate freedom!
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