Potential Risk Factors

Anyone can develop an opioid dependence, but some factors can increase the risk of addiction. The more risk factors someone is exposed to, the greater the chance that abusing opioids could lead to dependence.


Genes may determine how:

asterisk-whiteThe body reacts to a drug

asterisk-whiteA person responds to a drug

asterisk-whiteA person responds to their environment


Negative environmental influences can increase the likelihood of misusing opioids and drug abuse:

asterisk-whiteFriends that are a source of negative peer pressure

asterisk-whiteUnsatisfactory quality of life

asterisk-whiteA family history of substance abuse


The younger someone starts using opioids, the more likely it is to become a serious problem.

asterisk-whiteThis is because young, adolescent brains have not fully developed in the areas that control decision making, judgment, and self-control.

asterisk-whiteThough brain development plays a role, misusing opioids can lead to dependence and drug addiction, no matter how old you are.

Could you or someone close to you have an opioid addiction?
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