Journey of Recovery

Addiction recovery is a journey. A journey you take step by step. Day by day. It will take some perseverance, but please don’t give up. We know the first few days, weeks, months, and even years can be challenging. It will be a journey of self-discovery. One where you will have to learn how to fill the time you previously spent on finding and using drugs or dealing with withdrawal symptoms. Stay focused on the fact that opioid recovery is possible. We believe you can learn to stop using these prescription drugs and have positive outcomes in your life. It won’t happen overnight, but it can be done.

Here are some points to understand about addiction recovery:

asterisk-orangeIt will be a change from what you’re used to.

asterisk-orangeYou must set a goal to end substance abuse.

asterisk-orangeMake a plan on how to reach your goal.

asterisk-orangePhysical, emotional, and social changes will be required in order to succeed.

asterisk-orangeYour journey to recovery may also be challenging for the people around you.

Let’s face it, there is no easy route to recovery. So don’t get too down on yourself if you have a relapse — this is often part of the process. When you need help, draw inspiration from others who have been down this road to see how they coped. And lean on your support network of healthcare professionals, family, and friends.

Believe in yourself. You can feel OK again.

Steps in the Journey to OK