Tips on Getting OK

Stay Focused on Recovery. A dependency and addiction recovery plan can help you stay on track to
reach your goals. Use these tips to help stay focused.

Become an expert

Learn as much as you can about prescription drug addiction recovery with some of the many resources available (examples – personal support networks, books, addiction services and addiction counselling, support groups). Ask your treatment team to recommend good sources.


Stick to your plan

Whatever recovery plan you have chosen, avoid trigger situations or people, don’t miss treatment sessions, and take good care of yourself. These are all vital to your recovery. When lapses happen, lean on your support network, learn from your mistakes, and move on.


Share your experiences

Consider talking about what you’ve been through. This may not only help you stay on track, it may also help you stay accountable to yourself by honestly sharing your experiences with others. You may even find that others are motivated by your success.


Practice good self-care

Eat a healthy diet, sleep well, and exercise, meditate, or practice yoga. Regular exercise can positively affect mood because it produces endorphins, which help with pain, sleep, energy, and mood. Try to follow a regular routine that includes activities in the evenings and on weekends. Use your faith, religion, or healing practices that support your recovery.


Maintain balance

Do things in moderation. Divide your time among work, family, friends, and leisure activities. A balanced and satisfying life can help you cope with stress. It may also reduce your risk of relapse.


Remember why

Remind yourself of the things that help you stay well and your reasons for doing so. Reminders can include things like photographs of loved ones in your wallet or keeping a list of positive things in your life. Carry a list of activities that support recovery and emergency numbers to contact in a crisis.